Escape Game with EAL Gaming

The first two escape game events that was hosted in the fall semester was sold out VERY fast so we’re obviously going to create yet another great escape game for you guys – same concept so teams participating last time stay away. 

As ususal you need to hurry up as the event is limited to 4 team! We will announce when registration is open later so keep an eye on the event.

What is an escape game? 
An escape game is a new way of entertainment that is used for many purposes, but the most popular one is teambuilding. These games are a great way of improving teamwork, getting to know each other or just for having fun. 
The purpose of the game is to escape from a room that is locked, by solving a series of puzzles using logic and creativity. There are usually 2-6 people locked in a room, where communication is vital in order to get out before running out of time. There are several items locked up in the room, the players need to find keys or the right combinations in order to get access to the locked items, which they need in order to solve the next puzzle. 

HOWEVER the concept of the EAL Escape Game is a bit different, this game takes the best elements of an escape game and the best elements of a treasure hunt! The game is not over even when you get out of the room. Then the treasure hunt starts.
Another difference is that the EAL Escape Game is a competition not just against the time, but also among 4 groups, playing at the same time. Who will finish first?