Sea Dog's Treasure Hunt

From far away lands, through mist and through cold
A message in a bottle was brought to the shore.
A map there was found; weary and old
"Treasure of Vejle" it said, with letters in bold.

"Gather yer lubber lads, ready n' sharpen yer swords; follow th' clues and th' booty shall be yours!"

Ye can find th' registration link below :)

Supplementary information: 
You have to assemble a team of 3 people!
There are a maximum amount of 30 teams, so hurry up and register to secure your place!

The event will have more updates as it comes closer to the deadline! 

You can expect to: 
Work as team; 
Be creative and fast-thinking; 
Agile, adventurous and sometimes even risk-taking; 
Have your topography and puzzle-solving skills tested; 
Visit the best view offering locations in Vejle;

....And most importantly - have fun!!!