Privacy Policy

EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (Persondataforordningen) is in force from the 25 May 2018, which means that Lillebaelt Academy must comply to certain rules about how to treat your personal data.

In the General Data Protection Regulation Article 13 and the Danish Law about data protection “Persondataloven” you can find detailed information about the rules, which apply to Lillebaelt Academy´s collection and treatment of personal data from applicants and students (only full-degree or exchange studies).

Personal data regarding application and admission

Your application and all additional files will be kept in Lillebaelt Academy archives until 6 months after you have been rejected from admission or dis-enrolled from Lillebaelt Academy. Until deletion, your documents and personal data will be kept in a safe study administrative system, which is approved for data protection.

If you have applied through the National Coordinated Application System (KOT) by using we will receive your documents and personal data from KOT. Once Lillebaelt Academy has reported to KOT, which applicants we are able to accept for admission, KOT makes an automatically generated decision about, which applicants (if we have more applicants than study places) we are allowed to send admission letters to.

Personal data from your application and additional files will be anonymized by Lillebaelt Academy and used for statistical purposes, for instance to make statistics about applicants´ age, educational background, grade point average etc.

Your personal data will be passed on to the Danish Grant and Loan Scheme (SU) authorities for the purpose of treating any SU application you may make during your studies.

Personal data during studies

Communication during studies
All individual communication with students during studies will be filed in a separate folder in the study administrative system until 6 months after the student´s dis-enrollment from Lillebaelt Academy.

Examination grades, which are obtained during studies, will be kept in the study administrative system for up to 5 years after the ordinary completion date of the study programme. After deletion it will not be possible to obtain a transcript of grades from your studies at Lillebaelt Academy.

In accordance with the Danish Archives legislation your Diploma from a completed education will be kept in copy by Lillebaelt Academy for 30 years from the date of issue.

Student complaints
In cases where a student has made a formal complaint, Lillebaelt Academy reserves the right to prolong the deletion deadlines for personal data and documents, which are mentioned in this document, until the complaint case has been completed.

The profile photo, which a student has handed in to Lillebaelt Academy at study start or the photo, which has been taken by Lillebaelt Acaemy at study start, will be kept in the study administrative system and will be used for internal purposes, for instance to make a class photo.

Lillebaelt Academy will sometimes take group photographs of teaching situations or study environment for marketing purposes like brochures or for the website. You always have the right to contact us and ask to not have photographs of you published.

If we need to use profile pictures of an individual student for marketing purposes, we will always contact the student directly and ask for permission.

The projects/assignments, which are handed in during studies, will be kept in the study administrative system.

In those cases, where your project or your assignment could be used for teaching purposes, we will always contact you directly and ask for permission. The project/assignment will be anonymized.

Projects/assignments will be deleted within 6 months after the ordinary completion date of the study programme.

Legal rights

At any time you have the right to enquire Lillebaelt Academy about the personal data we have filed in our archives about you. Also, you can ask to have personal data deleted, if they are not relevant for the purpose of application, admission or studies.

If it turns out that we have registered wrong information about you, please contact us an ask to have the information rectified as soon as possible.


If you have questions about the personal data, which is registered by Lillebaelt Academy about you, please send an e-mail stating your full name and date of birth to

If you are worried that we may have violated the laws about Data Protection, please contact our Data Protection Officer, Anders Normann-Nielsen,

If you want to make a formal complaint about a decision made by Lillebaelt Academy regarding the collection or treatment of your personal data, please contact the Danish Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet),