Business and innovation

UCL University College provides over 30 higher study programmes and has a wide, versatile palette of offers; whether you are looking for competencies within economics, commerce, IT, chemical, biotechnical, food or process technology, agro business, construction or architectural technology at a higher educational level, UCL can help you.

20% of our students have an international background and over 20 languages are represented at the academy.

Below you can read about some of the possibilities that we can offer, if you want input from our students at your company.

Project Cooperation

Project cooperation can take many forms. Usually, the student or a group of students work from home or at the academy. The task is a defined issue and the students and the company agree on how the results should be presented.

Are you interested in cooperation with our students please contact our Career Centre.

Different innovation projects

As a business you have a lot of opportunities to coorporate with the academy students.
We are very experienced when it comes to innovation projects of different kind, design, and length.
Examples of innovation projects:

  • 48 hours is an innovation event where students innovate for businesses within a period of 48 hours
  • Inno12 is an intensive 12 hour innovation event where students rethink company procedures, strategies etc
  • InnoEvent is an event where students from the academy and UCL work on health care challenges presented by Odense University Hospital

You are welcome to contact the academy if you want to know more about the possibility to participate in a innovation project.


During an internship, the student becomes part of the staff over a period of 3-7 months depending on the individual study programme. The student works with pre-defined assignments, but can also participate in operational jobs at the workplace.

Our Career Centre will help you if you need assistance.

Read more about having an intern in your company.

Student Part-time jobs

The Career Centre provides companies with direct access to student assistants. We can help with job postings so that you find the right student. UCL has many international students from a wide range of countries. Beyond professional knowledge, these students can provide language skills, cultural insight and specific knowledge about foreign markets.

Look for student assistants or post a job position on our Jobportal.