48 hours

'48 hours' is a project that gives students a unique opportunity to test their skills on real life cases from the companies - and this in turn gives the companies a unique opportunity to implement improvements and efficiencies.

Over a period of 48 hours students from UCL University College work both intensively and creatively to devise and develop various measures that can help to further develop and improve the company's business areas. The big challenge is therefore to reverse ideas into concrete implementable proposals in just two days.

During the '48 hours' project, the students get the chance to work together across study programmes, as participants from various study programmes, such as, computer science, logistics manangement, architectural technology, marketing management, and service engineering etc. This means that the students come with very different professional competences and valuable input, which is one of the project's major strengths.

The '48 hours' project gives students a really exciting opportunity to test their vocational skills. For a period the classroom is replaced by a company, and this offers both an instructive and authentic insight into how things are carried out in practice in a company.

New minds, new angles?

The big advantage of '48 hours' seen from the company's point of view is that completely new minds may look differently at the company, and because of this, they might supply with totally new angles. Many of the company's business areas and work gets a thorough overhaul by the students - a process that usually would be very expensive for the company.

Examples of students' previous contributions to businesses

  • New website
  • Customer Satisfaction Analysis
  • New system for product numbers
  • Plan for optimization of energy consumption
  • New food recipe
  • Structural Analysis
  • Financial Analysis and liquidity calculation
  • ISO Description