About our educational programmes

The study programmes that we offer our students are all professionally oriented, which means that they aim towards employment in certain jobs or within certain defined areas of operation, e.g. as architectural technologists in construction projects, software developers in an IT company, work in the financial sector or retail management. With over 30 programmes in higher education, we cover a wide range of professions and professional areas.

Professional orientation in the programmes is ensured by business representatives in various industries actively participating in local educational councils and knowledge - thereby they contribute to keep our programmes abreast of current competence needs in the industry. As well, guest lecturers from the industries contribute with new, relevant knowledge to the study programmes.

In May 2008, the Government decided that all short-cycle higher educations and professional educations should include a mandatory internship. The internships vary in length depending on the individual study programme and are intended to ensure that the students become familiar with the chosen fields and in addition, to create contact between companies and graduates. An internship in your company offers the opportunity to try out young graduates and if the chemistry is good between the intern and the company, the internship could develop in the direction of real employment.

Please help to ensure that your company's competence needs are covered. Participate actively in the training of future employees.