Get an intern

Why is it a good idea?

It is a great idea to get an intern because:

  • you will get more power to deal with daily tasks
  • this gives you the possibility to have current time consuming issues, analyzed and solved
  • an intern comes with new ideas, new perspectives, and new knowledge to your company
  • internships is a good foundation for recruitment – you will get the opportunity to try out potential future employees

What does the company agree to?

An intern is a resource that can be used to solve work assignments for a company as long as the company also provides a learning place for the intern. However, the intern will also require some attention during the internship the same way a new employee needs to be introduced to necessary work routines. Together with the other employees, this should be the minimum of ambition on behalf of the intern.

The length of the internship depends on the study programme. At the bottom of the page you can see the wide range of programmes offered by UCL University College and the prescribed length of the internships.

A well-planned internship is a win for both the company, which gets more out of the intern, and for the intern, who learns about the company, the industry and the work assignments. Who knows – maybe your intern will become a key employee in the future?

Practical conditions

The student, the company and the academy are jointly responsible for creating good relationships and assuring that all parties get something out of the student internship in the company. That is why we support the student in establishing the internship, following up, and making sure that everything runs as planned.

After you have decided if you want to have an intern in your company, there are a few practical considerations to be taken.

  • Getting the intern that matches your company and your needs
  • "Recruiting" the intern
  • Making the internship agreement
  • Possible later decision on the student’s final project, which will often be a natural extension of the internship

What competences is your company looking for?

UCL offers several higher study programmes. Our students, therefore, possess, a very wide range of different competences that can be of advantage to your company.

Find material about internships in the individual programmes.