What do Companies say?

Udvikling Fyn A/S

”We had an intern from the UCL University College on the Innovirk project who from day one entered into the everyday life of the company.

The level and motivation of the intern from the very beginning has been incredibly high, and after the termination of the internship, the student created a new job as student assistant in the project. It’s my impression that students from the academy have a pragmatic approach to problem solving, can work independently, and possess a high professional level.

In the Innovirk project we also acted as matchmaker between students from UCL and companies, which has been a success for the majority of the involved parties.”

- Mads Wojtynka, Project Manager Innovirk/Key Account Manager Innovation


Municipality of Svendborg

”As a public company we have an obligation to take interns – and we do so with pleasure. Both we – as a company – and the students have benefitted from internships in real life. We give the students a look into reality, which can help them bring theory and the world of books into real life where the students can see that their work is being used to benefit others. At the same time, the student brings a breath of fresh air to the company with the knowledge and input that every company always needs. We also experience that the student quickly becomes a natural part of everyday life in the company.

The Municipality of Svendborg has enjoyed good, constructive co-operation with the UCL”

- Kim Barren, Communications Manager