Internationalisation is an overall strategy at UCL University College. We live in a globalized world and we do our best to ensure that our students can compete in this world when they graduate. We therefore, strive to offer an international study environment and study programmes with an international outlook that can attract talents from around the world, as well as to ensure that our graduates can engage in collaborations across cultures, industries, and professions.

Strong international profile

Our academy has a strong international profile and we attract a large number of international full-degree students each semester. We also have many exchange students studying at the academy each year. Our cooperation with close to 100 educational institutions, mainly in Europe, gives our students and teachers great possibilities to take part in international mobility activities. We understand that international experiences and competences benefits the individual but also that it benefits the society as a whole. The skills that our students gain through participating in these types of activities leaves its mark on the final theses and projects that they produce together with companies in the region.

Mobility activities

We take great pride in offering our students and employees the opportunity to participate in mobility activities abroad. Most of our study programmes offer, for example, two-week international modules that are placed at one of our partner institutions. This is a successful tool in order to improve our student's and teacher's intercultural competences and intercultural understanding, as well as their international network.

Furthermore, we are represented in international networks, and we participate in several international projects, both as partner and coordinator. Through international networks and projects, we increase our international skills and our international partnerships. This is also a way for us to share our skills and competences with other educational institutions as well as other countries. A successful example of that kind of collaboration is our contribution to setting up a business college in Mitrovica, Kosovo.

We are always interested in expanding our international collaborations and international network.