Multimedia and IT

­­­­­The latest trends within programming, electronics, data networks, websites, mobile apps and animation are the main focus at this faculty. Here you will gain skills that put you at the forefront in relation to creativity, innovation and the use of new technology.

The semester comprises 30 ECTS, and is offered to exchange students from our partner institutions. All courses and credits are transferable.

At Lillebaelt Academy you choose a study programme and a semester. The courses within the semesters are fixed which means that you cannot change them. The advantage of this system is that we can guarantee you the chosen subjects, provide you with an exchange semester of higher quality, and a better learning experience!

At this faculty, we offer the following:

Multimedia Design and Communication
Do you have great ideas concerning multimedia? Learn how to give your ideas life and how to handle the process before and after.
IT Technology
Keep track of the development within the field of IT and electronics, and get familiar with the latest technology. Get more information.
Computer Science
This program is for you if you want to find new and innovative programming solutions for simple as well as complex IT systems.
Digital Concept Development
This programme is a top-up bachelor programme where you will learn to develop digital concepts across media and platforms.
Web Development
This programme is a top-up bachelor programme where you will focus on the development of different web technologies.