About Erasmus+

The Erasmus+ programme allows students from EU-countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Turkey to study a semester at UCL University College.

Erasmus+ student mobility is open to all students studying in a participating country. An agreement (bilateral agreement) between the two institutions is necessary in order to send students.

UCL is a participant in the Erasmus+ programme and a number of our programmes are offered in English, which makes it possible for you to study with us without being able to speak Danish. Studying in another country gives you an international network, cultural insight, and strengthens your language and personal skills.

To participate in Erasmus+ student mobility, you should first contact the international office at your home institution. They will be able to tell you about possible host institutions the selection procedure and financial support.

Students taking part in the programme may be eligible for grants to cover part of the additional costs for living abroad and traveling. In all circumstances, tuition fees at the host institution are waived.

If your institution does not have an agreement with UCL, a representative from the international office at your institution should contact our Director of International Affairs, Jacob Mentz,

Further information

For more information regarding the Erasmus+ programme please visit the European Commission's website.