Accommodation exchange students

You will apply for accommodation when filling out the online application form. 

You are required to pay a 400 EURO booking deposit (standard in Denmark). The booking deposit covers our loss, if you e.g. cancel your application for accommodation too late, or if the dormitory company charges you for extra cleaning, damaged items etc., when you leave your accommodation at the end of your stay. Please note, that you cannot expect to get the full amount back and you might be requested to pay an additional fee if the accommodation does not meet standard requirements when you vacate.

If you cancel your application later than six weeks prior to study start, the booking deposit will not be refunded.

We find accommodation in dormitories for almost all exchange students, and we assist the few remaining ones in finding accommodation for them. 

  • It is a furnished room
  • You may borrow kitchen utensils from us
  • You may borrow books from us

More details regarding your accommodation will be sent to you as soon as possible after the application deadline by the International Office.