About Odense and Vejle

UCL University College has campuses in the two cities Odense and Vejle, located in the region of Southern Denmark.


Odense is located in the heart of Denmark and is the third largest city with a population of approximately 190.000 people. As one of the oldest cities in Denmark, Odense has a long and exciting history. Odense is probably most famous for being the birth city of the world famous poet and fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen.

With more than 25.000 students, Odense is the city in Denmark that has the largest numbers of students per capita studying in higher educational programmes. You can notice this in the atmosphere and the pulse in the city.

Odense is a metropolis and cultural centre with museums, theatres, and music venues. Throughout the year there are festivals to celebrate music, movie, and art. Odense is also a green and lively city with many parks and gardens that are used by the inhabitants during the warmer months of the year.


Vejle is the ninth largest city in Denmark and the regional capital of Southern Denmark. Vejle is best known for its nature and is beautifully located at the head of Vejle fjord. There are plenty of viewpoints where you can enjoy the fantastic scenery. For those who enjoy fishing, this is the place for catching sea trout, cod, and eel.

Since the city is located by the water there are plenty of good beaches to enjoy on a warm summer day. There are also many parks and other areas that are perfect for a picnic. The landscape in the region is dotted with churches, castles, and manors that can be visited when having a day off.

Denmark’s leading architects have left their mark on Vejle’s architectural expression. The city centre has an exciting and diverse urban feel.  Vejle is regionally known as a vibrant shopping town. The main shopping street is 900 meter long and filled with shops. There are also charming side streets with specialty shops. There are also plenty of bars, discos, cafés, and restaurants to visit when you need a break from your studies.