Full-degree students

UCL University College offers several study programmes taught in English, giving you great possibilities to find a study programme that suits your interests.

We offer AP-degree programmes as well as BA-degree programmes within seven fields of study. Several programmes are offered in English and they are also open for admission to students who are not Danish citizens. Students from EU, EEA countries and the Nordic countries study free of charge but non-EU students are requested to pay the tuition fee.

The autumn semester starts in late August or September. Furthermore, several of our programmes also offer study start in late January or February.

Find our programmes in the menu to read more and to see how you apply. If you would like more information on particulars about the programmes, such as the curriculum, subjects etc., or if you need more information about accommodation, please contact the student counsellor of the specific programme.

Please be aware that the programmes here only apply to full-degree students. If you wish to study with us as an exchange student (one semester only), please refer to the exchange study programmes that we offer.  

Study programmes within seven faculties

We offer programmes within seven different faculties: Production, Technology and Logistics; Construction and Energy; Tourism, Events and Leisure; Finance and Economy; Sales, Marketing and Business Development; Multimedia and IT and Food, Nutition and Process. Our programmes are structured at three different levels:

AP Degree programmes: 2-2½ year full time study programmes

BA Programmes: 3½ year full time study programmes at BA level

BA Top-up Programmes: 1½ year full time study programmes at BA level. You need an AP Degree programme to qualify for the BA Top-up Programmes.