Computer Science

More about the programme

The Computer Science programme is a 2½ year full-time higher study programme. It is divided into five semesters and divided into four main areas.

  • Programming
  • Systems Development
  • Technology
  • Business Understanding

The core areas are Programming and Systems Development. The areas Technology and Business Understanding focus on the contexts in which Programming and System Development take place.

First year: Basic level

The aim of the first year of study is to give you the tools to develop primarily single-user systems, independently and in collaboration with others.

The first year topics range from analysis to business management and operations. This is done through a systematic approach incorporating technological and business aspects.

Second year: Higher level

The purpose of the second year of study is to give you the skills to independently and in collaboration with others, assess a company's potential for IT development and so develop, renew and maintain a distributed IT system from analysis to management and operation via a situational methodical and systematic approach.

The purpose of specialization on 4th semester is that you profile your education through specialization and putting perspective on topics broadly related to the computational area.

The last half year: The independent and practice oriented level 

The internship is carried out in one or more companies in which you must participate in and gain knowledge of relevant business functions. The internship can be organized in a flexible and differentiated manner, and should provide the basis for your final project.

International module

The job market is becoming increasingly international, and students must learn to cope academically / professionally in a globalized world. This is why the programme has a compulsory international module, which lasts 14 days (10 working days) and is implemented as a study trip abroad. The module typically contains:

  • Education at an educational institution in English
  • Company visit
  • Cultural events

Students must expect to pay up to 5,000 kr. excl. pocket money for participation.

Read more about the programme in the curriculum under 'Download'.

Flipped Classroom Teaching

The study programme is being taught on the basis of the Flipped Clasroom principle. Flipped Classroom basically flips teaching upside down. What you would normally do at home, you now do in school, and vice versa. The reason for this change is that it is trivial to read a book or watch a video in order be taught something, but it is non-trivial to solve exercises. By using Flipped classroom the teacher becomes available in supporting the students with the exercises - functioning as a coach or consultant rather than initiator – while the student becomes more involved in the activities that happen in class.

Take a look at this video to see how the teaching method works at the study programme.

How to apply

This English taught programme is no longer open to full degree applicants. Exchange students can still apply to existing classes.

Exchange students

As an Exchange student through Erasmus+, Nordplus or a non-European Partner agreement, you may choose between participating in a Summer/Autumn or a Winter/Spring semester.

Application deadlines:

  • For Summer/Autumn semester: 15 May
  • For Winter/Spring semester: 20 November

Find application forms and learning agreements here.

Career opportunities

As a graduate in Computer Science your job opportunities within IT are almost limitless. Students from UCL University College have found jobs in both Danish and global companies such as: KMD, Hesehus, Aloc, IBM, Jyske Bank, VESTAS Wind Power, Bankdata, Unik System Design, ADP – Dealer Services and many more.

Typical jobs could be: System developer, System designer, Programmer, System planner, System administrator, IT supporter, IT consultant, Test Manager, Project manager, IT Security Consultant, System constructor, IT Teacher, Web developer.

Further education

When you have acquired your AP degree in Computer Science you can continue your studies at one of the 1½ year bachelor top-ups at UCL:

At some universities in Denmark or abroad, you can also continue for a bachelor’s degree within Computer Science. We have agreements regarding transfer of your credits.

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Are you an exchange student?
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