Health insurance

We strongly recommend international students to look thoroughly at this information on insurance.

Stays exceeding three months

If you are staying in Denmark on a residence permit, i.e. if you are here for at least three months, you are automatically included in the Danish Health Insurance Scheme when you register at the National Register. This gives you the right to free medical treatment by a general practitioner and in public hospitals.

Nationals from the Nordic countries are entitled to the same medical treatment as Danish nationals. If your stay exceeds six months, you need to bring the "internordiske flyttepapirer" and use these when applying for the Danish Health Insurance.

EU nationals should bring an European Health Insurance Card from their local health insurance office. This card is a proof that you are entitled to health insurance at home, and therefore it entitles you to apply for the regular Danish Health Insurance upon arrival in Denmark. It also entitles you to free medical care in Denmark, until you are covered by the Danish Health Insurance.

Non-EU nationals are entitled to free medical care after six weeks in Denmark. You apply for your Health Insurance Certificate upon arrival to Denmark. As mentioned, the certificate is valid six weeks after you have registered with the local civil registration office.

It is therefore strongly recommended that you arrange for health insurance to cover any incidental medical bills for the first eight weeks of your stay. Please also be aware that the Danish Health Insurance does not cover the costs of patient transport back to your home country.

When you register at the National Register you will be asked to choose a general practitioner, and it may be a good idea to ask your mentor or a Danish friend to recommend one. The personal registration number which you receive also serves as your health insurance number.

After your registration you will receive a yellow health insurance card. Remember always to bring the card when you see your doctor or your dentist. The name, address and phone number of your doctor will be printed on the card.

All international students must be aware that the Danish Health Insurance Scheme does NOT cover full dental expenses or costs of patient transport back to the student's home country. Neither does the insurance cover liability and loss of personal belongings.

Please make insurance arrangements before departure from your home country.

Insurance during practice internships

During your practice internship in Denmark, you are insured according to Danish law while you are at work no matter which part of the world you are from.