International possibilities

As a student at UCL University College, you have great possibilities to get an international profile on your education. Depending on the program you are studying, you can participate in international two-week modules, study one semester abroad, place your internship in another country, or participate in one of our international projects.

We live in a globalized world and you need to be able to compete in this world when you graduate. Therefore, internationalization is an overall strategy at UCL. International experiences are a benefit for you, but also for society as a whole. You gain insight in other countries development and culture, which might make you more attractive on the Danish as well as the international job market.

To study in another culture is an adventure that gives you experiences and skills for life. You will grow on a professional as well as personal level, and you will gain friends and connections all over the world. It will be a memory for life.

Partner institutions

UCL cooperates with more than 100 higher education institutions mainly in Europe. You can study for one semester at one of these institutions. Find our partner institutions on our partnermap

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