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About 200 students showed up for ’International Inspiration Day’

Great interest was shown in UCL University College’s event ’International Inspiration Day’, as about 200 students showed up at Merkursalen November 5th.

This event for students of the first semester started off with several, exciting presentations. After a motivational speech by Jacob Mentz, director of International Affairs, student Carina Larsen talked about her experiences with the teaching culture in Portugal, where she was on a study exchange. Furthermore there was a presentation about internships in Germany by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Flensburg together with UCL's student Caroline Andersen, who recently finished her internship in Germany.

After the presentations the students had the opportunity to walk around in the hall and hallway which were furnished as a fair. Here they could look through material from UCL’s nearly 70 partner institutions, as well as chat with representatives who were former outgoing and current incoming exchange students.

“I think this event has been very successful. It was nice to get input to where you can go and get help in connection with the practicalities”, finds Katrine Thybo who is a Marketing Management student.

The event was arranged for all Danish and international students of the first semester who have the possibility to go abroad later on in their studies. UCL’s international department was responsible for the event:

”It was the first time that UCL held this event. We do plan to have this event every year in the future, as we want to motivate students to go abroad. We want to show which opportunities we have because we actually have many great opportunities!”, says Malin Burström, Coordinator of International Relations of the international department.

Students in Vejle can get inspired when the event will be held in the canteen of the new campus on Boulevarden 25 in Vejle on Thursday, November 20th from 2-4pm.


Three weeks of knowledge, nature, and know-how

”The best thing about the course was that we could work with a real company. That’s a big motivation because you know that our solution actually can help someone”, Justyna says, a Multimedia Designer student from UCL.

She and one of her classmates took the opportunity to participate in a summer school course in Finland for three weeks during which they worked on real cases in cooperation with a Finnish IT-company.

The course ‘Summer in Space 2014 – Digital Business Development’ took place in Mikkeli in Finland and was hosted by the Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences. “Mikkeli is in the heart of the lake district, so the nature was really beautiful. It was also a gap in my holiday calendar, so why not? I didn’t have any plans here during the summer, so I could go there instead. It’s a new country for me and I want to meet new people”, Justyna claims after explaining that she has always loved traveling.

Besides working on the cases the students also had classes which were all related to the project such as copy writing and entrepreneurship. “The teachers were from all over the world – one from Portugal, one from Belgium and so on – so this mix of teachers made it even more interesting”, she mentions, and adds about her fellow students “…and it was the first time for me to work together with people from Germany, Belgium, and Kosovo. At UCL we also have a multinational environment, but this was a new experience for me!”

Justyna assesses that going abroad definitely has upgraded her CV: “It’s really good to show a future employer that you’re doing something extra – not only with what school provides you, but by looking for new ways to broaden your horizon and getting new experiences”.

”I think I would like to go somewhere abroad again. I believe that on the third semester we have the possibility to go on exchange a semester and during the fourth, we can take an internship somewhere abroad. If you have the possibility to go, just go!”

The 5-ECTS-course arranged by the SPACE network is financed by Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences and UCL which means that the plane tickets, the hostel and the lunches for the students were paid for.

SPACE is a network of 60 higher education institutions from 30 different countries all over the world. The network has several purposes including encouraging the exchange of students and developing educational programmes which maintain a high degree of quality across the range of partner institutions.

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A great summer holiday rewarded with 5 ECTS

The six students from UCL who participated in the summer school course ‘European Business Skills – Internationalization in a European Context’ in Croatia from 30 June - 11 July have returned to Denmark after two eventful weeks in Croatia and are ready to share their experiences with others.

“I only had to write a motivation letter and attach my grades, so it is really easy to go abroad – especially compared to how it can be elsewhere”, says Patricia.

As a former university student, Patricia felt she lacked both practical experience and practical knowledge, which is also why she decided to take the summer school course. On the whole, the course gave her a wider perspective on European economy and also on topics such as marketing.

The subjects during the course covered everything from culture to the financial crisis. “I’ve also gained knowledge about the consequences of the financial crisis from the tellings of the individual participants from the different countries”, Patricia points out.

The course was completed with a business report, based on a case from a company, which the students had to hand in in groups of 5-6 students.

Getting 5 ECTS in 14 days meant that the participants really had to work hard to complete the course, but there was however still time left to get to know the other participants. “I feel that I’ve gotten many contacts during the course. I could travel around the world, really!”, Patricia laughs and mentions that the participants are already planning meet-ups. She also feels that studying with people from different countries gives a bigger perspective on things. “You learn something about the other cultures while working together, so that was also really cool!”.

The participants of the summer school also got to experience some of Croatia. “We were in Zagreb one day to see the capital. A guided tour first and afterwards we had some time on our own, during which the Croatians from the course showed us the local food and the local market. That was really great.”


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