The application process


We are certain that taking a semester abroad will enrich you with an experience for life. However, it is important that you understand that studying abroad requires preparation well in advance. That being said, we will of course do our best to support you during the process.

1. Search for information

Below you will find a step guide to follow before your exchange:

Look for information about our partner institutions well before the application deadline.  Make sure the institutions are offering the courses you need within your study programme.

Consider where you want to go to and contact your mobility coordinator about the possibilities you have of going abroad to the partner institution(s) you prefer.

Find information about the application deadline at the given partner institution, as International Affairs is to nominate you before the application deadline. The application deadline might be available on our partner map. Be aware that it is your responsibility to make sure that the proposed deadline is actually the correct one.

2. Application at UCL University College

If you wish to apply for studying abroad, please fill out the online application form and submit it to the International Affairs at UCL University College.

Find out if the chosen institutions have the needed subjects.

You should choose 3 prioritized institutions, number 1 as your favourite choice. The competition can be very high and if, for some reason, you won’t get your 1. wish and haven’t applied for others than only one before deadline, we cannot help you getting abroad. Priorities cannot be submitted after the application has been sent.

Please remember to

  • present the subjects to your mobility coordinator and get his/her acceptance (every department has a mobility coordinator). For more detailed information see section 5. Learning Agreement further down.

  • apply for your stay abroad online on our homepage.


  • 1st of October (for the spring semester)
  • 1st of April (for the autumn semester)

NB: Please note that some institutions, especially the ones overseas, have earlier deadlines, and you have to be aware of this yourself. For the early birds your deadline for applying see partner map.


3. Application confirmation from UCL University College

Once you have submitted your application, you will immediately get a confirmation that we have received your application. After the application deadline, approximately 2-3 weeks later, you will receive a reply.

In case of a higher number of applicants than actual seats at the partner institution, we will nominate the students with the best grade point average.

It is International Affairs that nominates you to the given partner institution, which means that they reserve a seat for you. Please note that this is not a guaranteed seat, you must send an application to the university abroad by yourself after accepting your nomination. Concerning your nomination, you will receive an e-mail from International Affairs, which you have to accept within 48 hours to be nominated to the partner institution. Then you are able to apply directly for the courses at the university, you have been nominated to.

If you have applied for an Erasmus+ or Nordplus grant, you will receive information on whether you have been assigned the grant or not at the same time. For further information about your possibilities for applying for Erasmus+ or Nordplus grants - click here.

4. Application to the partner institution abroad

Many of our partner institutions have an internal application form. This means that you have to send an application to them after International Affairs at UCL University College has nominated you (look at section 3). The given partner institution will make contact with you through e-mail and send you further information regarding the internal application.

5. Learning agreement

The Learning agreement is a contract between you, UCL University College and the partner institution abroad. It comprises the courses and ECTS that you have to attend and pass at the partner institution. Your mobility coordinator or Head of Department has to approve your learning agreement, i.e. the courses you will study. 

6. Documents

If your exchange is approved, International Affairs at UCL University College will send you some documents. These documents need to be filled out and submitted to International Affairs before going abroad.

If you receive the Erasmus+ / Nordplus grant during your exchange, there is a number of documents you have to fill out before and after your stay. Going abroad requires commitment from you and it is therefore important that you reserve plenty of time to fill out and process the different documents. International Affairs will do their best to support you during the process.


For more information regarding the procedure described above, please contact your mobility coordinator or International Affairs.