Career Counselling Guide

Your way to the dream job

In ‘The Career Centers Handbook – Well on the way to your dream job…’ you will find help and guidance on how to find an internship, study job, or your first job after your graduation.

Through your education, you have acquired a lot of knowledge and competences, which you must “sell” to your potential employer, and it is important that you work seriously with your job application material. The more serious you are, the more likely it is that you will land your dream job.

Job searching is a process and with ’The Career Centers Handbook’ you will get specific tools, and tips and tricks on how to write an application and a CV that will lead to a job interview.  You will also find advice on how to write an unsolicited job application and on how to prepare for a job interview.

Career Counselling can help you with your job search, and you can get individual guidance from one of our career counsellors.

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