Starting point for your future career

One of the characteristics of your education at UCL University College is that it is practice-oriented. This is reflected both in the practical tasks you work with in class and in the many projects and company visits throughout your studies. The internship is perhaps the point during your education where the practice-orientation really becomes apparent. The internship is an important and integral part of all programmes at UCL.

The internship gives you the chance to test your acquired knowledge ‘in real life’. The internship also gives you an idea of what you can and what you want to work with after finishing your studies. Both your studies and your internship gives you valuable competences and experiences that will be of benefit to you when you enter the job market after graduation. You will not only have studied theoretical issues, but you will actually have practical experiences from working within the focus area of your studies. Perhaps your internship may even lead to a full-time job in the same company.

You can place your internship in Denmark or any other country in the world.

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