Application and CV


An application does not take an hour or two to write. There is no formula on how to write the perfect application, but there are some general 'rules' to take into consideration when you are writing an application - 'rules' that can help you land an interview.

The most important advice:

Check out the company you intend to apply to; find out what type of work and projects they deal with. Get a grip on the values that underlie the company and whether the company has a written vision. This will help you gain knowledge that you can use to target your application to that specific company.

  • Be honest
  • The application should reflect your personality
  • Use a catchy heading
  • Describe your motivation for applying to this particular company
  • Tell what new knowledge and ideas you can contribute with
  • The application should maximum be one page

Proofread your application (many times!) for spelling errors and other linguistic errors before you send it. Let someone read it and ask for their feedback.

Make sure that you have included the correct names, addresses, dates, etc.


Some companies receive a large number of applications and might choose to read the CV before they read the cover letter. Therefore, it is important to write a good CV.

There are several ways to construct a CV; most people prefer to make a chronological CV divided into sections for education, work experience, courses, language skills, etc. Others would rather design a functional CV, focusing on functions rather than, for example, places of education or occupation.

A CV should include the following:

  • Heading
  • Personal data
  • Name
  • Date of birth or age
  • Address and telephone number
  • Qualifications
  • Work experience (places of occupation)
  • Education
  • Language skills
  • IT skills
  • Other information
  • Personal qualifications
  • Interests
  • Personal circumstances 

Book counselling 

You are welcome to book counselling or visit Career Counselling, if you want us to have a look at your application and CV, and give you some advice on how to improve it before sending it to the company.