Before the internship

To get the most out of your internship, which is an important part of your education, you need to prepare for it. This preparation should start at the beginning of your studies and there are many considerations to be made in this process.

What can you do?

Professional competences

During the first semesters, you should acquire an understanding of your professional profile. What is the competence profile of your programme? What types of jobs do people with your degree typically get? What types of tasks do they typically carry out?

With regard to your professional profile – e.g. clarifying the competences that your degree gives you – your teachers can help you. Furthermore, the internship supervisors in your department can tell you what types of internships former students have had, what types of companies they have been in, and what tasks they carried out.

See your internship factsheets for a list of examples of areas in which the intern can contribute in a company.

Personal competences

In addition to the professional competences that your education provides you, you also have to consider your personal skills, skills that explain how you work in a professional setting and how to you tackle different assignments when facing them.

It can be very difficult to put your competences into words. What have you previously worked with, and which skills did you use then? What interests do you have? What personality type are you? What do you want to do? These questions will help you figure out what you can do, and how you best utilize these competences.

You should consider all of these things and write them down in a detailed, working CV that you update continuously, and the career counsellors can help you with this. Each semester the Career Counselling offers workshops and events where you will learn;

  • how to prepare your application materials
  • how to make unsolicited applications
  • how to build and maintain a network, etc.

In addition to the many exciting career events, you can also book a counselling appointment with our career counsellors in Odense or Vejle.

What do you want to do?

You should also consider what you want to do: What would you like to work with? Where would you like to work? What type of business? Once you have a general idea of the direction in which you want to go, you should make a business search. Which businesses are there within your area of interest?

When it comes to business search, you can search the web, in business databases, and you can ask your teachers and internship supervisor for advice. The Career Counselling can also give you a list of companies that have had interns from your study programme. Perhaps some of the companies would like another intern or perhaps you might feel inspired to make unsolicited applications to similar companies.