Internship factsheets

Download factsheet about internships at the individual programmes:

Technology, Energy and Logistics

Automotive Technology
Automation Engineering
Production Technology
Logistics Management
Production Development and Integrative Technology
Service Engineering
Service Engineering - Plumbing
Energy Technology


Architectural Technology and Construction Management

Events, Leisure and Tourism

Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management
International Hospitality Management
Sport Management

Finance and Economics

Financial Controller
Financial Management
Financial Management and Services

Sales, Marketing and Business Development

Marketing Management
Commerce Management
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
International Sales and Marketing

Multimedia and IT

Computer Science
IT Technology
Multimedia Design and Communication
Digital Concept Development
Web Development
Software Development

Food, Nutrition and Process

Agro Business and Landscape Management
Process Technology - Process Technologist
Process Technology - Dairy Technologist
Process Technology - Food Technologist
Agricultural and Environmental Management
Chemical and Biotechnical, Food or Process Technology
Chemical and Biotechnical Science