Signing out of Lillebaelt Academy

According to law Lillebaelt Academy is obligated to make a note of the date and the reason for students signing out (the codes seen below are for internal use only). If we have questions in regards to the information you have provided, you will be contacted by a Student Counsellor.

Note: You may not sign out earlier than today's date. Once you have signed out, you may not join the same study programme again, before 5 months have passed.

What is the reason for you signing out? (state the single most important reason)

Please notice! Your SU will automatically be cancelled when we receive your withdrawal.

If yes, Lillebaelt Academy is obligated to inform the Immigration authorities that you are no longer a student, and this may affect your residence permit to Denmark.

If yes, then remember to give it back.

If yes, the confirmation will be sent to the e-mail, you have stated above.

You have the option of talking to your Student Counsellor, before signing out: Contact Student Councellor.

By sending this form, you are declaring that the above mentioned information is correct and that you want to sign out of Lillebaelt Academy.

Print this formular before sending it