In the list below, you will find answers to questions about credits. If you cannot find an answer to your specific question, you are always welcome to contact a student counsellor.   

What is credit?

If you have already taken and passed another study, or parts of it, you can apply to get credits for specific parts of that previous study. You can e.g. get credit for specific exams or completed semesters. Do you have questions about how to apply for credits; you are always welcome to contact a student counsellor.

How does it affect me if I get credit for a course?

If your credit application is approved you will not have to go to exam in the corresponding course at EAL. If you are granted credits for a specific course, you are not allowed to take the exam in the corresponding course at EAL. Therefore, it is not possible to improve your grades. At the academy several of the exams involves more than one of your courses – interdisciplinary exams. To get credit for the entire interdisciplinary exam, you will need to pass courses, with content similar to the courses which is a part of the specific exam. If you have only passed parts of the interdisciplinary exam it is the Head of the study programme and the student counsellor who will decide how this will affect the interdisciplinary exam. They will also decide whether you can be granted partial credit for the course or not. In these situations, you will be contacted by a student counsellor for a talk about your options.

How is it presented on my diploma?

If your credit application is approved your grade from your previous study will not be presented on your diploma from EAL. Instead, it will say ‘passed’ or ‘approved’. Your grade from your previous study will therefore not be included in the calculation of your grade average from the academy. The grades from a previous course can only be transferred to your EAL diploma if the content of the previous course is identical with the EAL course. The Head of department will decide if the credit can be presented on your diploma.

What is the primary focus of a credit assessment?

The academic content from your previous course has to be at the same level as the course that you want to be exempted from.

How do I apply for credit?

You can find an application form for credit assessments on this site. How you apply for credit depends on how you apply to become a student at the academy. Click at the link below to read more.

Application deadline regarding pre-approval of credits

Do you want us to assess your options for credits before you apply to become a student at the academy you have to comply with our applications deadlines. For summer study start: 1 June quota 1, 15 february for quota 2. Winther study start: 1 November quota 1 and 2.

Application deadline when applying for credits in relation to your study application and admission

We need your credit application no later than: Summer study start: 15 March for quota 2, 5 July for quota 1. Winther study start: 1 December for quota 1 and 2. If you send in your application with your ‘application form for Credit’ enclosed, we will assess your application in continuation of your application for becoming a student. You need to send in the application to the study programme in which you want to become a student. A credit assessment can take up to 1 month.