Exam appeals

As a student you have the right to complain about your exam or test.
If you want to make such a complaint, you must submit your appeal within 2 weeks from the announcement of your grade. You must make your appeal in writing, and you must state your reasons for complaining. Please send your appeal to and it will be forwarded to your teacher and the external examinator, who took part in the exam or test.

You may complain about the following – both regarding oral and written examinations or tests:

  • The content of the assignments you were given, for instance if the questions do not correspond with relevant learning objectives
  • The process, for instance if you were not properly informed about the time or place
  • The grade you were given. NOTE: If your appeal results in an offer for a re-assessment or re-examination, your exam or test will be graded over again, and there is no guarantee of receiving the same or a higher grade than the original one.

If you are in doubt about how to make an appeal, you must contact your Student Counsellor who can also help you to get hold of a copy of your exam or test assignment, if you need this in order to write your appeal. It is important that you write specific arguments in your appeal to support your complaint. It will make it easier for your teacher and the external examinator to treat your appeal.

Read all the appeal rules in detail in the Ministerial Order on Examinations.