Extra examination time

As a student at the university, you can make an application to get extra time during your written or oral exams if you are dyslexic, or if you have a physical or psychological handicap or illness. You can e.g. get more time for preparation, writing, more time to finish your written test, deviation from the curriculum, or get the opportunity to bring an assessor at the tests. Talk to your student counsellor well in advance, so that you know about your possibilities to get extra time for your tests/exams.

You can apply for extra time at the exams by filling out this application form, and send it to your student counsellor 4 weeks before the exam at the latest. Fill in information about all the exams where you wish to get extra time. If you do not receive special educational support (Special Pædagogisk Støtte), you will have to attach documentation for your dyslexia or physical/psychological handicap or illness.