Even though you are troubled with long-term illness you have the opportunity to continue your studies.

If your illness affects your studies

If your illness affects your studies, then contact your Student Counsellor who has the overview of rules about your exact study programme.

On some of the study programmes it is possible to study on reduced hours, but it is not an option on all of our programmes. However, it is possible to report yourself sick for an entire semester. It is therefore important that you consider different aspects so that you will not be left behind.

The academy is generally always taking illness into consideration, and it is often possible to get exemption in relation to deadlines. This will however only be considered if you have documentation in the form of a medical certificate. Please notice that you have to pay for the medical certificate yourself.

Remember that psychological problems, traumatic incidents, difficult progress of a disease, and deaths in the family can be considered as illness.

Economy and illness

You have the opportunity to apply for extra SU if your study period is prolonged because of illness. Contact the SU Counsellors, or find more information on SU’s website.

Exams and illness

If it is not possible to participate in an exam because of illness, your examination attempt will be cancelled and you will get another chance to do your exam. This can also be considered if something unexpected happens, as for example deaths in the family. Find more information about what you can do below:

What can I do?

The academy has a guideline that you have to follow, if you live up to the rules about sick leave, exemption, or another try at an exam. The rules below also become effective if you become sick during an exam:

  1. You have to notify the Study Secretary at your study programme that you have become sick. You have to contact the Study Secretary no later than two days after the date of the exam
  2. Call a doctor
  3. Get documentation in form of a medical certificate. On the certificate it has to be clearly stated on which date, or in which period you are or have been sick (and that you contacted your doctor on the day of your exam at the latest). Please notice that you have to pay for the medical certificate yourself.
  4. Send or hand in documentation to the Study Secretary of your study programme no later than a week after the exam date. Please notice that it is your responsibility to get the documentation in time.

If the academy receives your documentation in time you will be registered as being sick, and you will not lose your exam attempt. Depending on your illness and situation you will be signed up for another try at the exam. 

If the academy does not receive anything from you, the exam will count as one of your three attempts and you will automatically be signed up for another try at the exam.