About SU

Information and guidance on SU - the Danish state educational support.

Foreign Citizens

If you are not a Danish Citizen, you have to meet certain requirements in order to be able to receive SU.

Click here for the current rules and regulations regarding SU as a foreign citizen.

SU for EU Citizens

Some EU citizens can apply for SU according to the conditions below.

If you wish to apply for equal status with Danish citizens according to the EU-law, you must be an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen.

If you want to apply for SU you must:

  • be an employee for a Danish company
  • work minimum 10-12 hours per week (every week, except for holiday weeks)

Note: In order to get employment in Denmark, you must have a valid residence permit, a CPR number, a NemID, a NemKonto (an official bank account), and a tax card.

If you fulfill the conditions for receiving SU, this is how you apply:

  • You can apply for SU after you have received your final admission letter by e-mail
  • You must fill in the application form online at  - log on with your NemID
  • When finished, print the shown receipt. On the receipt there is a link to a form you need to print and fill in as well. You can download the form here
  • When finished, you have to bring your application and documents (for instance job contract, pay slips, residence permit, etc.) to the SU-office at your department at UCL University College or e-mail all the papers in a PDF-file to
  • The SU Counsellor will send your application to the Board of Higher Education and Training (SU) in Copenhagen. The processing time is normally 2 – 4 months. It is the SU authorities that decide whether or not to grant you SU
  • The decision will be sent to your E-boks
  • If you are granted SU, you will receive it from the month you applied

Note: The SU authorities will regularly check that you meet the conditions for receiving SU. They receive automatic information from the tax authorities. If you are unable to document that you have worked minimum 10-12 hours per week – every week – your SU will be stopped, and you will be asked to pay back any SU that you have wrongly received.

Read about Danish tax rules here.

SU and internship abroad

If you are receiving SU according to EU law (see SU for EU citizens), you must be aware that if you go abroad for your unpaid internship, you are no longer entitled to receive SU. This happen because you cannot fulfill the conditions of working at least 10-12 hours weekly in Denmark.

It is very important that you choose NOT to receive SU during your internship period. You do that on minSU - Ret din SU - Fravælg SU - From (første måned med fravalg) example ”October” - to (sidste måned med fravalg). You have to do so by the 15 the month before.

If you stop your employment before internship, you have to stop your SU for the rest of your education.

When you return to Denmark, and IF you find a new job, you must apply for SU again according to the original application procedure.

If you have forgotten to cancel your SU during internship abroad, you will be asked to pay back the amount that you have wrongly received.

SU and internship

If you are receiving SU according to EU law (see SU for EU citizens), you must be aware that you still have to work weekly between at least 10-12 hours. Internship is not considered a job, because it is part of your education.

SU for a Bachelor top-up programme 

Danish State educational support (SU)

For those of you, who are entitled to receive SU - State educational support:

For foreign students who have graduated in June 201X, from an AP Degree giving you direct access to a Bachelor, you are entitled to receive SU from July (same graduation year), if you fulfil the current rules and regulations regarding SU for foreign citizens.

If your application for SU is approved, you can also apply for a Youth Card that gives discount on transport between home and study address. For more information – see, and you must use NemID to log on. You can apply for the Youth Card 1 month before study start.