Internship abroad

As a student at Lillebaelt Academy, you can do your internship in another country.

Instead of doing your internship in Denmark, you can choose to do it abroad. This gives you an insight into how a company or organisation in another country operates. This is a great opportunity if you are interested in working abroad or in an international company when you finish your degree, since you get a greater understanding for other cultures, societies, and languages. By doing your internship abroad, you will grow on both a professional and a personal level. Therefore, it is a good idea even for those who want to work in Denmark when they have finished their studies.

You can choose any country in the world. You are responsible for searching for and finding an internship. However, it might be a good idea to talk to your internship coordinator. Also check the useful links we have gathered for you on this page.


You can apply for a grant if you do your internship in Europe (Erasmus+) or in one of the Nordic or Baltic countries (Nordplus).

Read more about the application procedure and requirements:

It is only possible to receive one of these grants.

Grant for recent graduates

As a recent graduate, you can get support for an internship abroad. You can get an ERASMUS + grant for up to 12 months. If you have already received an ERASMUS+ grant for either internship or a study period abroad, the number of months, in which you have received a grant previously, will be deducted from the 12 months.

In order to receive the grant, the following conditions apply. You must:

  • Apply for the grant before you have finished your studies, and no later than 1 May (for the autumn semester) and 1 November (for the spring semester)
  • Have an internship agreement with a company, and all documents must be prepared and signed by all parties no later than the day you get your diploma
  • Follow the normal ERASMUS+ procedure, take the associated language tests, and participate in the evaluation of your internship
  • Prove that either your employer or you have taken out liability insurance and accident insurance that covers you during working hours.

You apply for a grant for recent graduates via the general application form. You find link to the application form on this page.

Useful links

We have collected some links that can be useful when planning your internship abroad. Get the links here.