Virtual internship

Would you like to get work experience from an international company while studying, but you don’t have the possibility to do an internship abroad, because you can’t stay away for a longer period of time?

Why a virtual internship?

With a virtual internship you can experience what it is like to work in a different country without having to move. This means that you have the possibility to work together with companies all over the world.

”A virtual internship can also be the first step for a student who doesn’t have the courage to take an internship abroad yet. With an virtual internship you still have the chance to experience a different culture and work environment”, says Tiago Monteori, who is one of the students who participated in a project related to virtual internships.

Who makes use of virtual interns?

Virtual internships have become more and more common as companies make use of digital communication and social media to a greater extent when they communicate. There are also many small and medium-sized companies that would like to have interns, but lacks the space or resources for them.

How does a virtual internship work?

As a virtual intern you will help a company with different tasks just like with any other internship arrangement. Since you are not physically present in the company, you will communicate through e-mail and skype instead.

More information

If you would like to hear more about how you can become a virtual intern, you can find contact information in the box to the right.