While you are away

What will happen to my apartment?

It is possible to sublease your apartment or dorm, if your housing association allows subleases of the apartment. UCL University College receives exchange students every semester and they can be interested in renting an apartment. UCL will help to create contact to exchange students and assist with advise according to the contract. The agreement between you and the exchange student is an affair between you and the tenant.

Which authorities should I contact?

Before you leave Denmark you must contact Borgerservice and let them know that you are leaving Denmark and when you expect to return.  

Your CPR number will still be valid, while you are away. However, you must report to Borgerservice again no later than 5 days after you return to Denmark and let them know which address you will be staying at.

Your Residence permit will expire, once you leave Denmark (unless you have applied for a permanent residence permit after 5 years in Denmark). Therefore, you must apply for a new Residence permit at Statsforvaltningen, once you return to Denmark. Along with your Personal ID and a passport photo, you must take a “Confirmation of studies”-letter, which you can get from Study Service at UCL.

NOTE: There are other rules for NON-EU citizens. Please read the Residence permit letter, which you received from the Immigration authorities carefully regarding your rights, when leaving Denmark. Contact us if you are in doubt.

What will happen to my SU?

If you are receiving SU according to the EU rules, you must hold a job for 10-12 hours per week – every week - in order to be eligible for SU. Therefore it is unlikely that you can receive SU during your stay abroad.

Read more about SU.

What happens if I become ill or have an accident?

When you filled in the application form for your stay abroad, you informed us of a contact person during your study period or internship abroad. If UCL becomes aware of your illness or accident, we will inform your contact person in English. UCL will not be able to assist you personally or financially. For that reason it is important that you buy an insurance that covers any illness or accident, while you are away.

Liability: If you are going abroad to do an internship in a company, it is a requirement that you have taken out an insurance that covers accidents or liability, for instance if you become injured in an accident during working hours, or if you cause damage to the company´s property.