About IT


When you start at UCL University College you will receive a student login from your student coordinator.

Who can I contact if I have computer problems?


As a student in Odense you can always contact the IT department by writing to this e-mail address:


Students in Vejle can contact the local IT department by writing to this e-mail address: 

You might find a solution of your problem by reading a guide. Checkout this IT Guide System.

Student e-mail

Every student at UCL will have a student e-mail account.

Your username will be the same as your login, and you e-mail address will look like this: Your password is the same as the one that you use when you login elsewhere (look under 'login' above). 


At UCL we use the online learning system Fronter. On Fronter you will find information about your courses, schedules, news, and much more.

You can access the platform from every computer with internet access.

You can log in to Fronter here. A list will show up on your screen. You can choose English in the top of the screen, and then you choose 'UCL University College' from the list.

If you have questions to or problems with Fronter, please write

Free Office 365 to EAL students

As an EAL student you can get free access to office 365.

Read more about how to get Office 365 using your student e-mail

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