Student House Odense

All students have the opportunity to visit Student House Odense. Hook up with your fellow students and enjoy the comfortable and recently renovated facilities in the heart of the city, on Amfipladsen 6.

With this central location you can move your studies into the center of Odense, where you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the many different events which take place in the Student House. Around 460 students visit the house every day and enjoy the facilities and events that take place here.


The Student House is a cultural, social, and interdisciplinary meeting place for students in Odense, and the house has many different things to offer. You can visit the study zone or take a break with a cup of coffee in the café, where you can get a discount, if you show your student ID. The house also arranges different events and concerts which are worth a visit.

The study zone is placed on the 1st floor and designed with both individual and group study in mind. The facilities include group work tables, multi-purpose printer, and internet access. SDU also has a small library department in the study zone, where a librarian can help you with your projects and materials, and you can also order, return, and pick up materials here. The library function is also available for you as a student at UCL University College; you just have to sign up for a library card.

If you need guidance in relation to your studies or future studies, you will also find Studievalg Fyn in the Student House. 

Need a place for your event?

As a student you can borrow rooms and/or the stage for your own events, such as lectures, workshops, tutor meetings, class parties etc. If you wish to use some of the facilities, send an e-mail to the Student House on:, with a description of your event, date, time, and the expected number of participants.  

More information about Student House Odense

If you want to visit Student House Odense, you can find opening hours for the study zone, the café, and Studievalg Fyn here (in Danish).

On the website you can also keep up with the upcoming events in Student House Odense.