Code of Conduct at UCL

UCL University College wishes to promote a good study environment with good study behavior.

We all have a mutual responsibility contributing to UCL being a college where you behave thoughtfully and respectfully towards each other.

To support this vision UCL has produced the following set of rules

  • Behave politely and respectfully towards each other- harassment is not tolerated
  • Behave thoughtfully everywhere on the UCL premises, and during study trips, and internships
  • Observe message signing and instructions from the staff
  • Do not publish recordings of other people without their approval
  • Smoking is only allowed outside in the designated areas

Consequences related to violation of the rules

  • A student who practices noisy or disrespectful behavior may at any time be asked to leave the lectures. Any lecturer and other staff members at UCL have the authority to make decisions in this matter.
  • If noisy and disrespectful behavior happens repeatedly, the Director of Education may decide that the student will be suspended for a shorter or longer period, or in case of especially rude incidents is permanently suspended from UCL.
  • A student who feels that he or she is unjustified suspended must address the relevant head of department with his/her complaint.

Criminal Actions

  • All students are at any time committed to follow the criminal law (the Danish ‘Straffelov’) as well as any special legislations and rules within weapon possession, psychedelic drugs, IT crime etc.

Consequences related to violation of the rules

  • UCL reserves the right to hand in a police report against a student if the academy suspects that we are dealing with criminal acts weather it is arson, vandalism, theft, violent behavior, document fraud, sharing illegal files from the internet, publicizing recordings without approval, possession of psychedelic drugs or weapons as well as any other criminal acts.

Talk to your student counsellor, if you experience that the code of conduct is violated or if you feel harassed.

Read the full version of the code of conduct here