The University Library

The library is serving students and lecturers from UCL University College and covers the subjects and topics that can be studied at UCL. The library have a collection of books and periodicals in Danish and English. You can search for the library materials here.

The library has most of the information you will need during your studies at UCL -also online access to relevant professional databases. If you need materials we do not have – books or periodical articles – the librarian will assist you, either by ordering it from another library or by telling you where you can find it.

Information from the library of current interest will be published on the UCL library page at Fronter, for instance changes in opening hours, passwords to journal archives, and links to web pages.

Lending rules

You can keep the books for 2 weeks. Provided there is no request for your books, you may renew your loans – either by going to the library, or by calling/mailing us during opening hours.

We use your social security card (yellow card) as your library card.

Opening hours

Monday-Thursday from 9am - 2pm
Friday from 9am - 12noon