Print and copy

When you start as a student at UCL University College, you will automatically have a print account assigned to your username. From day one there will be DKK 50 on the account. Afterwards, you must make sure to deposit money into your print account. You can do this on Unfortunately it is only possible to pay with the Danish ‘Dankort’ on this website. If you experience any problems when you try to put money in to your print account, try to turn off the pop-up blocker. 

If you do not have a ‘Dankort’ you can go to the library at Nonnebakken and deposit money in to your account from there.   

If you print from your own computer or school computers to "VirtuelPrinter", you can get your document printed on any machine by entering your username and password.

You can also copy, scan to email, and print PDF files directly from a USB stick on these machines.

Payment is drawn directly from your print account.