Study environment

UCL University College is the third largest business academy in Denmark and the largest one in the region of Southern Denmark, and we take pride in offering academic study programmes of highest quality.

UCL is a modern, international institution of higher education. We co-operate with industry and commerce, which means that you as a student will meet representatives from your future working field through e.g. guest lectures, company visits, and project work.

In Denmark, students are treated as independent people with a right to form their own opinion and they are expected to participate actively in discussions and group work. By studying at UCL you will develop analytical and critical thinking, and you will learn how to adapt theories in to 'real life' situations.

You will attend classes that are usually held in smaller classrooms with groups of 30-35 students. We believe that interaction and a close connection between students and lecturer is important, and this is difficult to achieve in large lecture halls. Apart from attending classes, you will also carry out project work, either on an individual basis or in smaller groups.

Our programmes are based on a combination of theory and practice which means that you will be well-prepared to enter your future work field when you have graduated from the academy.

The quality of Danish education is assured in many ways. It is mainly regulated and financed by the Government, and all public educational institutions are approved and evaluated on an ongoing basis.

The various study programmes require different equipment, premises and lay-out. Hence the study environment can vary depending on the study programme that you choose, and which location you will study at. Common for all locations is that we value a good study environment. We strive for optimal organisation of the premises, and there are several facilities that you can expect to have access to no matter which study programme you choose, or where it is located. Our classrooms are modern and equipped with everything needed to provide the optimal learning settings. We provide access to Wireless internet, libraries, conference facilities, access to student counsellors. and lecturers when needed - and good canteen facilities offering a variety of food and beverages.

We know that there is more to life than lectures and exams, which is why we find it important that you have a good social environment. Social activities such as introductory week, team building, events, parties etc. are just some of the things that you can expect as a student at UCL University College.

UCL Events

As a part of the vision to build the best study environment possible, the academy has its own event department – focusing on the students’ social environment. The academy offers a wide range of both professional and social events for all students. Some of the events that the academy offers are wine tasting, trips to e.g. Legoland and much more. You can find our events here.

If you have an idea for an event or if you need more information about the events, you can contact the academy’s event coordinator My Gaarde Andreassen at