Types of counselling

At UCL University College we work with three different types of counselling.

Individual counselling

Looks at the individual student’s prerequisites and needs that can e.g. include:

  • Information/counselling regarding the program – and introductory interview
  • Information regarding various elements of the program – e.g. the internship
  • Information regarding job functions and the current employment situation
  • Completion counselling – including counselling for students who might be considering dropping out
  • Counselling for students who have failed exams

Collective counselling

General counselling for all students that can e.g. include:

  • Information about the objectives, structure, and elements of the various programes – e.g. the curriculum
  • Information regarding the dissertation and internship
  • Information on student financial aspects
  • Information about exams
  • Workshops in study technique and report writing

Group counselling

Focus on professional and educational counselling that can e.g. include:

  • Counselling in connection with project work
  • Counselling from a mentor corps consisting of teachers, “older” students, and representatives from the business community


Susanne Bøg Mortensen