Campus facilities in Odense and Vejle

UCL University College has experienced stable growth since the establishment in 2009. The academy now includes around 3,300 students. Due to this increase in students, new and larger facilities are needed to ensure that the surroundings meet the demands of teaching larger classes.

Campus in Vejle

The study programmes in Vejle is placed on the address Boulevarden 25.
With its size of 5,000 square metres, this building possesses all the extra space needed for the growth that the academy experience in Vejle. The new building was taken into use 1. January 2015.

With the address on Boulevarden 25, UCL in Vejle is placed in the centre of the educational environment of Vejle.

The campus makes it easier to foster a great study environment, and the students have better opportunities to interact and work across the different study programmes.

Campus in Odense

UCL in Odense has built new campus facilities in the centre of Odense, close to the railway station and the harbour. The new Campus is 20,000 square metres.

3,000 students is gathered at the new campus, and with the placement in the centre of Odense, the study environment is fantastic. The contact with the local businesses will be strengthened, and the academy and the new campus will influence and shape the surroundings and life in Odense.