Practical information


The easiest way to travel to Vejle is by flying to Billund (Billund Airport) and then take the bus or a taxi to Vejle. The bus departs from Billund Airport and takes approximately 0,5 hours.


You can purchase bus tickets when entering the bus in the airport. The payment are in Danish kroner.


Our campus is located in the center of Vejle and it close to the main shopping street and there are plenty of hotels to choose from. You had to book the hotel your own, but we can help if necessary - contact Thi Thu Dihn.

We will suggest the following hotels.

Vejle Center Hotel (very close to EAL)

Willy Sørensens Plads 3

7100 Vejle



Dæmningen 6

7100 Vejle


BB-Hotel Vejle (Park Hotel)

Orla Lehmannsgade 5

7100 Vejle

You are of course welcome to book a hotel on your own and we can recommend to use

Financial aspects

There is no fee to participate in the International Week. All meals and activities listed in the programme is covered by us. Accommodation, meals not listed in the programme and travel are at your own expense. The International Week matches the requirements of Erasmus+ teacher mobility and Nordplus teacher mobility.