An honour to meet super entrepreneurs

3.200 students - an entire hall - clap Sir Richard Branson and Morten Lund on the stage at Odense Student Event 2014, while the music is playing. Arena Fyn is nearly boiling over of enthusiasm to hear the super entrepreneur with the motto: the sky is the limit, and the Odense boy, who was Co-Founder of Skype.

They take the stage to give their view of entrepreneurship, education and life. One of the enthusiastic participants is from Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education: the 36 year old Maiken Maria Vibede, who studies Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Vejle.

Maiken Maria Vibede uses the word “great” to describe, that her education centre has given her the possibility to be inspired of them: - It is an honour to be allowed to meet Sir Richard Branson and Morten Lund. For my line of education and business it is very relevant, actually spot on. I want more of this. Now I am going home and step on it.

Sir Richard Branson talked among other things about: create something that makes some peoples life better. She hopes that her residential styling business “Nova Domus” does. She runs the business at the same time as she studies. She noticed his strategy: protect the downside – take care and protect yourself, if you should go down on one idea.

- I really have everything to loose. I must have money for rent and food for my two children, with whom I live alone. Today I have got energy of the event and have to apply new things, says Maiken Maria Vibede, who also got a book signed by Sir Richard Branson after his performance on stage.

28 year old Michael Sjørup Christiansen is halfway in this study as E-Concept Developer in Odense. He learned of the event through the Facebookgroup at the study and saw it as a fantastic chance of hearing so prominent guests and at the same time, it was free for students:

- It is great that my education centre makes it possible for us to meet people from the real world – and who is not teachers. It was cool to hear them talk and answer questions. It also provides variation in the everyday life. I myself have been reminded to play more and to put more at stake. I must get out of my comfort zone and not only go from point “a-b”, but go from point “a-q”, explains Michael Sjørup Christiansen.

It was nice for him to get the great personalities down on a level, where they seem more human.

- It has gone wrong for both of them, and they tell, that they have not always made the best decisions. It is all right to fail if you learn from it, tells Michael Sjørup Christiansen.

He got inspiration to become an entrepreneur, if he in the future should get a brilliant idea. He thinks that we get weighted and measured all the time in this culture we live in. Perhaps we have forgotten to seek inspiration for wishes and dreams, and it is important to nurture them.