App result of co-operation

To use the app ”On the track of the past of Nyborg” is like taking a historian under the arm. You can land in Nyborg today, in 1722, in 1558 or in 1450 – that is to experience Nyborg in the Middle Ages, as the city of seat of a reigning monarch or as garrison town.

The way of the app to The Castle of Nyborg began at Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education, where the former student now 28 year old Thomas Eriksson got a task: create a solution for the Castle of Nyborg from his lecturer James Norwood.

The task and the co-operation at that time helped to form the basis of his business “Make” today with two employees and three freelancers attached. He is educated Multimedia Designer and has taken a bachelor in E-Concept.

He is pleased with, that the Castle of Nyborg is the first museum with an off-line app. The guests and tourists at the Castle of Nyborg can borrow a tablet with the app, so they don’t get a phonebill of several thousand to download it. He calls it an intermediary app in the middle of the Empire of Denmarks heart.

- We have created ”gamification”, where schools and visitors can be put down on the count, if they have been listening by participate the quiz on the trip around, explains Thomas Eriksson from the company Make.

There is a high score for the quiz, divided into each day and totally, and the quiz is taken on the trip around Nyborg.

The head of communication at Østfyns Museer Troels Malthe Borch describes the young entrepreneur as a very engaged person:

- There is a risk to co-operate with a person with such a short CV. He has something at stake, and I am absolutely at ease working together with him, says Troels Malthe Borch.

One of the volunteers guides at the Castle of Nyborg, Susanne Bantz, is excited:

- this is a good app. I am sure, that the young people easily will get caught by the quiz and by watching the film like they are used to at You Tube. They learn something.  The sailors in the harbour will see the signs and scan the QR-code with the phone and get a story, even thought the museum is closed.

Bjarne Sørensen is an “immigrant” from Aalborg and now living at the harbour. Next time the family is in town they are not only eating and drinking, but is going for a learning walk:

- I think, it’s smart, that we can be placed at Rosenbaekken and watch a film. A lot of tourists will enjoy the app.

The Castle of Nyborg will in the future update the app with new trips and questions in the quiz, so there will be extra good experiences at a nice walk at Nyborg.

Østfyns Museer will in this spring release further three apps: Vikingemuseet Ladby, Johannes Larsens Museum and a third to be used in the landscape with the paintings of the artists.