Erasmus improves employability

The European Commission published the results of an Erasmus Impact Study in September. The report concluded that students, who had taken an internship or studied abroad, enhanced their employability, as the employers really appreciate the competencies that the international experience fosters.   

The students do not only acquire new knowledge in their area of expertise, they also gain substantial personal qualifications and competencies which are highly appreciated by the businesses today.

The report shows that candidates with international experience are more likely to land a job after their studies, compared to students who have chosen to stay in their home country during their entire period of study. 92 % of the employers, who participated in the study, stated that they place great importance in personal qualities, when they recruit people for their organisation - qualities that are furthered through the Erasmus programme. Students with experience from abroad scores higher when it comes to qualities and competencies such as: tolerance of ambiguity, curiosity, confidence, awareness of own strengths and weaknesses, ability to make decisions, and ability to solve problems.      

Another important fact is that more than one third of the Erasmus-interns are offered employment in the internship company, afterwards. The students are more likely to become entrepreneurs and can expect a much faster development in their career path than their fellow students.

The message of the study is clear: if you study or do your internship abroad you will improve your opportunities of landing a job later on!

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