Invaluable experiences in Morocco

Three of the EAL Exchange students - Jeppe Silas Nygaard, Mette Lund and Imants Strumkis - after a camel-ride. The two other Exchange students were Christina Martín-Sonseca Ponz and Eva Sramkova.

The students experienced both the delicious cuisine of Morocco with exotic food and sweet treats, camel-rides and historical guided tours through the cities they visited. The students also met Moroccans and discussed aspects of life, love and religion.

A life changing experience

The students acquired new academical knowledge during the trip but most certainly also social and cultural knowledge.

-This experience was inspiring, intense and even life changing, says Cristina Martín-Sonseca Ponz when she describes her experience with Morocco.

One of the main reasons for acquiring the greater cultural understanding, which the students point out, was the experience of living with and visiting ordinary Moroccan families.

-They showed us that you don’t need many material things to be happy, they had an amazing unselfish perspective of the world, says Cristina Martín-Sonseca Ponz.

In addition, the time spent with Moroccan students were highly valued and found to be important for understanding Moroccan and Muslim culture as well. For instance, the students learned that young people in Morocco and in Europe might not be so different after all.

-The dreams of Morocco’s youth are the same as those of the Europeans, Jeppe Silas Nygaard explains. 

Hospitality and togetherness

All students mention the great hospitality they felt during their stay in the Muslim country. The community feeling that frames the entire Moroccan society is very special, and it puts family and values concerned with togetherness at the center of the culture. Imants Strumskis believes that Europeans can learn something from this.  

-I think we can learn a lot from them in this regard because in our daily routine, love and caring for each other is often forgotten, Imants says.

All students were welcomed as part of their host families and the goodbyes were also tearful and very emotional which bears witness to a strong and insightful stay in Morocco.

The students all agree that they would like to take part in a similar programme should they get the chance – or recommend it to other students.

-It was the best experience! Imants Strumkis concludes.