EAL students in Morocco Exchange Programme

The five lucky students: Mette Lund, Eva šrámková, Cristina Martín-Sonseca Ponz, Jeppe Silas Nygaard, and Imants Strumskis.

Students at EAL showed great interest in the international Morocco Exchange Programme. Five students, selected by the International Department, are leaving for Morocco in week 44. They are going to spend a week in Morocco strengthening their cultural understanding of the Muslim world.

The International Department at EAL received more than 140 applications for the programme. The applicants were required to write a motivational letter as part of the application form, where they explained their reasons for wanting to participate. The motivational letter helped to decide which students should go to Morocco.

-The students best able to argue for how the programme and the stay in Morocco would benefit their educational outcome as well as their future job opportunities were offered a spot in the programme, says Malin Burström Gandrup, Project Manager at EAL.

Internationalisation and EAL

The organisation Crossing Boarders is responsible for the programme. Crossing Borders works intensively towards broadening young people’s cultural horizon enabling them to do well in a multicultural society and in a globalized world.

-Internationalisation is part of EAL’s strategy, and it is therefore of great importance to us that our students are capable of dealing with the challenges a multicultural society faces. Many employers are also looking for these qualities, and the Morocco Exchange Programme will therefore help to prepare our students for their future careers, Malin Burström Gandrup explains.

The students have an exciting week ahead of them: amongst other things, they are going to meet Moroccan students and professors, and they will be visiting a woman’s centre in Tangier.