Idea competition for international students

The winning idea made by the students Tünde Tomonicska and Károly Molnár.

International students from the study programme Architectural Technology and Construction Management have participated in an idea competition. During the summer, they have worked on proposals on how the city Faaborg (in the south of Funen) can use, redecorate, or rebuilt the city square.

The students’ proposals were handed in to the local newspaper in the beginning of August. The proposals were then displayed in the centre of the city where readers of the newspaper, listeners from the local radio station, and other citizens in Faaborg could vote for their favorite idea.

The winning group with the students Tünde Tomonicska and Károly Molnár was announced in October.
The two of them suggested keeping the city square open as it is already, but making it more attractive for different activities as well as making it greener. Their idea included a three-parted fountain in the middle of the square with benches and trees around it. With this proposal the square will still have enough space to arrange market days, concerts, etc.      

The prize was a gift certificate of 1,500 DKK.