Intercultural competences in Russia

Four students and three lecturers from Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education travelled to Russia to participate in a three-day seminar about intercultural communication organized by the Innovative Entrepreneurship in Nordic-Russian Context project, which Lillebaelt Academy is partner in.

At the seminar, which took place in St Petersburg, Danish, Finnish and Russian students and lecturers were present. The aim of the seminar was to learn about the cultural differences between the participating countries and there were also some focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

“The first time you meet a new culture it is a chock, and you don’t know what is happening. You are thinking what is going on here. The more experiences you get, the easier it gets to tolerate the differences among cultures,” says Monika Kosman, student at Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education.

The student groups from each country did a presentation in which they described their own culture from a business perspective, and the cultural differences between Russia, Finland and Denmark were then discussed. The Russian students also took the students for a tour around the city and the students were also asked to prepare a presentation about St Petersburg from a business perspective, as well as being innovative and develop a new business idea for the city.

Since we are living in a global world and a lot of companies are operating in several countries it is crucial to gain knowledge and understanding that countries might have a very different set of norms and values even though they are geographically close to each other.  If we are not paying attention to the different cultures, we might be perceived as being rude.

“It is cool to meet other people and network with them. Not just to have a place to sleep when visiting their country, but also in terms of work; you will never know which position you will get and in which industry,” says Monika, who thinks it is important to have a broad network within as many industries as possible.  

One thing is that you can put it on your CV another thing is that is a lot of fun.
This event has been filled with new impressions in a very short time, and the four students from Lillebaelt Academy agree that if they were offered a similar opportunity they would definitely say ‘YES’!