Roofing ceremony in Odense

Workers taking a look at the construction.

The main construction of our new campus at Seebladsgade in Odense is ready, and this was celebrated with a roofing ceremony at the construction site today.

The academy has experienced stable growth since the establishment in 2009. The academy now includes around 3,000 students. Due to this increase in students, new and larger facilities are needed to ensure that the surroundings meet the demands of teaching larger classes.The new campus in Odense is built close to the railway station and the harbour, and at the roofing ceremony the guests could sense how the building will be like, when we move into the 20,000 new square metres in august 2016.

Campus in Vejle

The students and employees in Vejle have moved into new surroundings already. In January 2015 the different academy addresses in Vejle were gathered into one new address, Bulevarden 25. The new campus has made it easier to build up a good study environment, and the students have better opportunities to interact and work across the different study programmes.

The new study lounge at he Campus in Vejle

The study lounge at our new campus in Vejle.